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husni mubarok

The abstract
This research is a discussion of the spiritual love story of the immortal poets throughout the ages, Khalil Gibran and Mai Ziada, this story was famous among people through the ages and was revealed after their death.
The story of the spiritual love in which they exchanged the passion between them in the lines of the letters of the words, and the story of the conversations between the two lovers through the papers and between them the completely distant distance, as well as the eternal longing immortalized in history, and they never met sensually.
The two poets corresponded with each other for approximately seventeen years in the groves of lines of letters and words, and their love lasted from 1914 AD to 1931 AD, and the correspondence between them became known after Khalil's death, which was then printed for the first time under the title "The Blue Flame."
Key word: The Blue Flame, Khalil Gibran.

Keywords: blue flame khalil gibran may ziyadah